Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Oprah is out of touch

Because on her show (I do not know when it aired) when she was showing off the ipad, she had the audacity to say....

This is going to change the way kids will learn.

Or something to that affect. Its like...really? Maybe she should have said...this is the way middle and upper class children will learn. The kids who are struggling in the hood will continue to do so.

Tis All


Viajera said...

Oprah is right and you are wrong!

Of course it will teach those rich kids! It will teach them how to... I dunno... Like, surf more, watch more movies, use touchpads more... I dunno? Teach them to hang out more and stuff? LOL!

Yeah, she is a bit out of touch sometimes, but I forgive her cuz she's rich. :D

FeministaBroad said...

lol. I feel the same way. Its like okay Oprah...its been a while. Ill forgive you.