Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graduation Party

Today was a fun day. I went out to eat with my parents right after me and my mom went shopping for my graduation party stuff.

I am so excited to be graduating. I mean, golly. It is exciting. I have spent forever in school and now I get to have a degree. A part of me does not want to go to graduate school. A part of me would like to get a job and just work and pay off my loans and get 2 more cats and live in a nice apartment. But no, I shall live in my crappy but lovely apartment while I am receiving my Master's degree.

So, I was feeling all great today and now I am back to feeling a tad crappy. I hate it when it feels like there is nothing to do. I wish I could go to the movies and just blow off all of my work but the problem is that that is what I have been doing.

The funny thing is that I titled this Graduation Party because I was going to talk about my graduation party but now I don't feel like getting into it. Just know that it is super exciting to know that I will have a room full of people that support me and have cards and gifts and eat and just have fun. OOOHH. Maybe I will get to go to the movies afterwards.

Well, I suppose that is it.

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