Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Sugar Crack?

No really.

I am being serious. Google sugar and digestion. It is very creepy. Instead of getting a ton of websites that simply describe the digestion of sugar, they talk about sugar as a drug.

Now, I am an ex-OA'er and I have my issues with sugar. I do. I need to find some peace. Which is why I wanted to search how it is digested in the body so I could have my own understanding of the effect of sugar. Even when searching this information unbiased..ly...I found that sugar really is bad news. No, really. Sugar is bad news. Refined sugar I should say. To make a long long story short, sugar is empty of the vitimans and nutrients that is in cane juice or honey. Refined sugar is empty empty and it does a lot of shit to your kidneys in order to consume it. It is just interesting I tell you. Really.

So, I wanted to share this. I just totally ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's and am feeling sick to my stomach. Not only because I am lactose intolerant (and when I say I am, I mean it. The indegestion is fast and serious) but I am having a little bit of a sugar rush before bed. Crazy. And I will crash. I will crash and what will happen? Will I be sleep? I always have crappy sleep when I eat sugar before I go to bed.

I am just saying. Sugar needs to be investigated.

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