Monday, April 19, 2010

My Life Feels Like A Pot of Hot Mess

So, yes, I am graduating soon. This makes for excitement but it also makes for nausea. I applied for the Master's program at my school and I received the letter so late that they had to put me on a waiting list for Work Study. I need my work study to live off of this summer.

My rent will be due at the end of May. And I have but a slice of pie in the savings as we speak. I am late on my phone bill, close on my credit card bill and cannot believe I will make my cable bill (which I know I can get rid of but I am waiting on TrueBlood and Dexter. Damn Damn Damn).

I have two things due in classes, oh wait. No, 3. One of them is super duper important. I can not seem to get anything finished because of my attention span and some emotional crap going on.

I am going through a bunch of emotional crap. That always makes everything seem so sucky. I just want to not be freaking out about all of these things. Oh, and I have appointments coming up which I need off of work for, I forgot my dentist appointment would make me not go to my therapy appointment but as I said above, that's kind of needed right now.

So, yea. This is why my life seems a hot mess right now. But I know that it could always be worse. I could be on the street or without shelter or food and that is not what it is right now. The fact that I can even have a savings account and checking account no matter what is in them is a blessing. Through all my ranting and raving I have to realize how much I am blessed and how I DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OVER PEOPLE, PLACES, OR THINGS. Everything will work out how it would work out and I have to do things one step at a time. I guess I will begin to work on my school work now.

Peace and Love

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