Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was just half reading an article on Jezebel. It was about the politics of fuckability (Wow, would that not be a fantastic thesis?).

I want to talk about this because I understand it. I get it. I get the issue. But most importantly, I understand being on the non-fuckability side of it.

I think when you talk about being overweight it makes the conversation different but when you add being a minority it makes it even more interesting. I am a Black woman. Being a Black woman alone takes away some of my fuckability in society. But I am a plus size Black woman, who is brown skinned (not light skinned), plus sized and has locs (and has had natural hair since high school).

To me this is all about the politics of invisibility. It is about the fact that once you are not fuckable, you are invisible. I have been invisible in this society for a long time. And I guess I want to say it gets tiring. But when I go on Jezebel and see the comments of other women who have the same issues, it makes me feel like I and so many other people can relate. I do not want this to exist. And the politics of it is complex. Being a feminist and all, I should not want to be objectified. I do not want to be objectified. But this is not the issue.

It is an issue of not being seen.

So I wanted to talk about that for a bit. I guess I will move on. Go do some other stuff today.

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Viajera said...

Yes, I hear ya. I have a blog post in my draft folder about this same topic. When I moved to Canada, this was a huge issue for me. I've moved beyond it (mostly), but for sure, it ain't a walk in the park.

It's take a while, but I've recognized my own beauty and worth and the work has paid off. I get annoyed sometimes, but overall I don't worry about this anymore.

It's a cruel world out there, but... Keep the faith!