Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Much To Do

Before I start complaining, I want to share a picture of the plant that my friend Virginie from Belgium gave to me! Of course, I can not take it with me. But I will buy one when I get home so I can always remember her and our fun times! It is so beautiful and it smells so good! It is very strong actually. I can smell it when I lay down in bed. The lil note says "Take care of it as you do it for me!" I think it is so cute! I wish I could take it on the airplane. :0(

I have so much shit to do before I leave here.

I have 3 revision essays. What this means is that I have essay exams in which I know the questions and I need to form them before I actually go in. They expect it. Isnt that weird? Thats not how it is at home. If there is an essay exam, you rarely know the questions.

I have to write 1 essay and 5 blog entries for my one class.

Grrr. So I officially have 3 full weeks left. I have to have all of this done by the last week. Your thinking...oh, how easy. Not so much. I will be away for about 9 days. I will be going to Paris, Bologna, Florence, and Pisa. So I have to do some studying while I am traveling. There is no way.

I thought that I was going to have a D on my one essay and I ended up having a B which is great. I mean, better than a D right. So, right now, I have 3 B's and one C. I got a damn C on my Representation and Cinema class. Pisses me off. I aint lying.

Who told me to take a damn cinema class? And I really wasnt very humble about it. The reason why I got a C is because...I didnt use enough film language. Who woulda knew? The comment said that I knew a lot of gender theory which was good but I didnt use enough film critique. Gr. How annoying. Anyways.

The thing is that. There are 2 classes that are for my English minor. 1 class for my womens studies minor and 1 class for nothing. Diddly squat....

Problem is the Representation and Cinema class is for my English minor. And if I dont get a C or higher, I will not be able to use it for my minor. If I dont get this class for my minor, the other one doesnt matter. Which is my American Literature class. Mind you, I aint using no English in grad school. The class that really matters is my Sex in the 18c class because it is for my WS minor in which I wont be able to get into graduate school without.

So yes, I am slightly stressing.

Oh and for those of you who read my blog. I missed my flight to Rome because I forgot my got damn passport. Aint that some ish? I wasted 330 dollars! But now I will fly into Pisa and visit Florence and Bologna as well, so I am disappointed but I will still be able to go to Italy. I am actually scared to go to France and Italy because I am Black. More Italy than France though. But its just because of the stories I have heard. Oh well, I will be okay. I am so blessed to be able to go to these places and even though I am slightly stressing about getting things done, I CANNOT forget that. Maybe I wasnt meant to go to Rome. Oh well.

Today has been fun though. And I got some work done. I painted some of the girls nails and we just sat in the kitchen and laughed. And I have to say...Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate in the world. MMMmmmm.


Anazette said...

So glad to hear you're going to Italy! It's so beautiful there!

FeministAbroad said...

Thanks! I am glad too! :o)