Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just wanted to share one of my favorite photos from Italy! :o)

Whew. Let me tell you. I have so much to do and so little time to do it.

I come home on Saturday. I am sad and happy about that. I love my life here but I miss my fam and friends at home. I am so much calmer here and I love my everyday schedule. I love shopping for food everyday and having cheap food available. Yes, I do think groceries are cheaper here. I love not having a McDonald's one every street. I live in a town where there is only ONE and I repeat ONE McDonald's. Seriously. I just will miss this. I know I keep saying the same things but I really think America sucks on the food front. Well I should say on the advertisement and fast food front. And prices as well.

I will NOT miss the school system here. I dont like the way the U.K or I should Wolverhampton does their classes and such. I just dont like it. At all.

I have three essays back to back this week. I have the cinema one on Tuesday, American Literature on Wednesday and on Thursday I have Sex in the 18c. I am so scared that I will not pass one of these classes. I just got back from Italy and before then I was in Paris. I have not studied. It was really hard trying to study while in Italy. Doesnt work. lol. I was in Florence and it was just magnificent. I will do a post on traveling alone when I get home because I need to. And then a final post about studying abroad in general. I dont think I have been really good with this blog though. It seems that it is not easy to blog, travel, study and mingle.

Well, I need to do some more work. I just ate lunch. Which was tasty. I had some white rice, chicken sauteed in white wine and Green beans with butter. And for desert I had a coke. lol. No really though, coke is sweet, why not use it as a dessert? Anyways, I need to get a move on it. I have the audacity to be procrastinating right now. Its ridiculous.

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