Monday, May 4, 2009


I am really sad that I will not be able to meet up with Matthew again before I go home. Matthew is a friend from home who is also visiting Europe and we were going to meet up in Rome. But as most of my friends know, I missed my plane to Rome. He is now in Florence. But I wont be in Florence until the 12th. He then goes to Paris. And I go to Paris this weekend. It totally sucks. I don't mind traveling by myself to a certain extent but I hate that this was my fault really. I should have planned to go to Paris later and I also should have not forgotten my passport. I could have met up with him in Florence but it would have been financially straining because it was so much since the date was so close. And also, I found a cheap ticket to Florence for 67 pounds.

I am just scared that I am going to get lonely, traveling 9 days by myself. I go to Paris and Italy back to back. France is only 3 days so its not that bad. I am excited about going to the Louvre! But I will have no pictures of me and the eiffle tower or me and anything else. There will be no pictures of me in France or Italy. And that really sucks ass. And I wont be able to share my excitement and stuff. Its just really frustrating. I wish I would have just taken the more expensive route and went to Italy now. Italy shouldn't be too bad though. I am going from 12-16. And I will be in Pisa the first night and Florence the rest but will be taking a day trip to Bologna in which a friend may be able to get a contact for me. I have a friend from Bologna. I hope he can.

I am excited about my hostel in Florence because its badass. It has a gym and a sauna and a pool. So I will bring my swimsuit and just do other things if I am bored or a lil sad. And I have to bring homework for the train and such. I will be okay. Its good to have some alone time and some soul searching time.

I will be okay. My friend Matthew has traveled 3 months by himself! He is not going to school. He is just traveling alone. I have so much respect for him. He is such a cool guy. I do need to make sure that I am safe. I am traveling alone and I am a woman. Maybe I will get money again and I will come back to Europe before I am 30. Actually, that is an official goal of mine. To travel to Europe before I am 30. I am 22 so I have 8 years to make it back to Europe. And with a friend. This may be a hard goal. Being that I am in thousands of dollars of school debt but it could definitely be doable. lol. Oh and credit card debt...yikes!

Okay, I just needed to talk about this and let it out. I am going to be okay. These next 4 days are going to be really busy for me.

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