Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Exchange Rate (Yadda Yadda)

So, I just feel the need to talk about the exchange rate. It drives me nuts but I knew what I was getting into before I got into it. The exchange rate was a little bit better when I first got here. So just to show you, I will demonstrate what I bought today and how much it really cost me. Because I am bored. lol. Anyways. I went shopping today. I needed some basic Mary Janes. Last week I went to A New Look and bought some cheap lil tiny heeled things that I wore once and they sucked and made my feet hurt and they did not look cute on my feet. So I decided that I would invest in a nice pair that would last me longer. And I am glad I did because the ones I got today are so cute! Anyways, off topic.

So. I got a pair of Black Mary Janes, some shoe shining stuff, a hair flower, 2 packs of tights (4 pair all together), a pair of socks, some earrings, the movies Fame, The Color Purple and Little Shop of Horror. It all cost 77.87 in pounds. The shoes were 52 and the rest of the stuff was 26 (Asda is so cheap!). So today I really paid $112.60. Thats 34.73 to the wind. I just think of just tossing it to the wind. Wallaaa. "Here's my money wind!." Plus I pay a 3% fee to even use my credit/debit card. The exchange rate is great now cause it was worse, but that's still a big difference! I put 200 pounds on my Asda shopping card for February's groceries and household needs. But it really cost me 289 dollars! And once again, the 3% charge I have for using my credit card abroad. The Wind is getting rich!
So when I shop, I have to make sure its stuff I will be using often here and stuff that I cant get at home. Also quality stuff. I find that if I try to buy super cheap stuff it either breaks or I buy a lot of it but when I invest in nice stuff I will buy less, it looks nicer, and it lasts longer. So that's what I have to keep in mind.
Okay and here is another pic of my shoes. I love them! Such cute detail. Tootles.

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