Friday, February 6, 2009

1:30am Saturday

For the first time, I think I am a tad sad. I guess, I just miss my friends and my way of life. But I also miss familiarity. I have always had a problem with that. I do not think that I am having a problem making friends. Although that was my first concern, it turns out I am a likeable gal. lol. I just feel a lil bit homesick but I dont like to use that word. Its too general. I mean, life is the same everywhere. You take care of your responsibilities, you find something you enjoy and you find love. Thats it. And that love is not just romantic love. I am talking about friendships mainly. Human bonds. I think thats the key to every single life. Its universal. So, I am trying to get into that groove. It's just hard. Because even though I have made some connections, I still find myself doing things alone. Either because I don't want to bother or because its something I think that others wont have interest in. Most importantly, what saddens me is that I am constantly being unproductive online. Right now I think that I am being productive, but when I am just on facebook, looking at peoples pages...that's a problem. I think that's a really big problem in our society. Our generation. Our production level is slowly decreasing. My desire to read books is becoming smaller and smaller. The Internet is instant gratification. You click and your on. I think that's why other generations may be calmer and more patient than us. I am not one of those...wait, yes I am...


Sorry. It is true. I think somethings being lost. Like even with email. I love writing letters to people. But who does that anymore? Everyone is me. Email me. The excuse is that email is quicker but so what. I mean, people lived without email for a long period of time. Are we too busy of a people to put some pen to paper? Do we need to spend every waking moment of our time to be up on the latest gossip and make money that we can live without, while ignoring the pleasures that are timeless. I am just saying. I hate to be a romantic. Really. But somethings missing. We're losing some things that I think should be cherished and preserved.

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