Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have no energy. I think it is because of the med I am on. Damnit. You know, I need energy if I am going to try to become active and stuff. Do vitamins really work? I wonder..I think Vitamin B is what I would have to take. And I need to eat things that give me energy. I shall google that.

Anyhoo. I went exercising today. I went swimming. It was interesting. Before I went I weighed myself for the last time for at least like 4 months. I can not weigh myself often. It is counterproductive. Weight doesnt matter as much as actually health meaning energy and how my bones feel. And I can always check how my clothes are fitting which would be ill right about now.

Okay. I gotta go. This is why Black people dont swim everyday. I gots to do too much with my hair. *sigh*

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