Monday, June 28, 2010


That is exactly what I have. I have no idea why I just thought to myself that I could write my first thing in graduate school 3 hours before it was due. What was I thinking? I have no idea.

There is this thing that happens when too many people praise you. You start thinking you dont have to work for things as hard. It is quite the ridiculous. I think it happens to me a lot. I think that I can't take praise and I can't take critism. People praise me and I think I am the best. SOmeone critisizes me and I think I am the worse person in the world. It is the problem of a Black and White thinker. Of a person with anxiety and depression. It is quite the ridiculous.

I have a new cat. Her name is Sunny Dubois. I adopted her Sunday. I have another cat named Tabby and she is grown. Sunny is grown. At the moment they do not like each other. They will hopefully get over it.

Any of my readers add a cat to their household? A grown cat with another grown cat.

Oh. She is Russian Blue and I love her.

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bri said...

Oh your new cat is gorgeous! I don't have a cat anymore and I miss having one around.