Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey Hey Hey

So. This is a post for someone who said I should keep posting. lol. :o)

I have not been back here. And I pretty much doubted that anyone would come back to my blog since I have been home. I guess I was keeping in mind that my blog was for people who missed me while I studies abroad or who were interested in studying abroad.

I would love to write that since I have been back my life has been wonderful. But unfortunately that is not true. Actually, life kind of sucks at this very moment. I came back and everything was fine for a while but then it hit me...responsibility. Agh. So to keep it short I will just say that I procrastinated taking the GRE, which I didn't do well on because I also didn't study. And I haven't applied to grad school yet. I would really love to go back to Europe actually. I am looking for some French Immersion Schools. I think that is what they are called. I would like to go learn French. And then I could just come back and apply to a Women's Studies PhD Program. But at this moment I can't even finish the last assignment for my last class. I think I am burned out. And I had too much fun studying abroad that I am bored. Going back to school in Europe or working for a while would be grand. We shall see.

So I am just kinda hanging around. I am doing my internship for my social work major. I work with pregnant teens. Which is very interesting. I have one more semester left and then I am an adult. Agh. That is so scary. Even if I go back to school I will consider myself an adult. And it is not that I consider myself a child now. I just feel like once you have that first degree, your not a "student." Even if you are a student because you are going back for a Master's or a Phd. I just think that once I have my BASW I cannot think of myself of some cook hip kid anymore. I am just kinda of an old fart. ha. That is what happens once I get that degree in my hand. They hand me a degree and dentures.

I think that I will end up talking about my last year on this blog. And some responsibilities that come with graduating and preparing for graduation. I mean, if I am going to procrastinate, I mind as well do it blogging. Even if no one comes here I can still write.

I will probably also talk about some fat acceptance stuff, HAES, feminism, black feminism, travel, displacement, mental illness and such. Who knows. I guess I will have a variety blog. Hopefully I will keep to my word and come back to write. I kinda said I would "come back later" to write in May. And it's December. Can you freakin believe it is going to be freakin 2010!

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