Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Love It Here!

So, I noticed that I have not been talking much about being in England lately and I should. I gave my friends this blog address so they could check up on me. So this is how I am doing.

I feel so torn. I want to go home because I miss my mom and friends but I love my friends here! They are so awesome. Their so sweet and kind and we all mix very well. Very respectful and polite. We laugh a lot. Its a very...light friendship with all of them and thats the kind of friendships I love. I shall definetely stay in contact with all of them. Theres Marjge, Virginie, Marion, Petra, Lucie, Lawrence, and then there are the boys, whom I also adore. Everyone is just so halarious!

I am a lil sad because the girls are going to Scotland and I cant go because I have exams and also, I went to Scotland. My money is so tight that at this point if I add any more trips, they certainly wont be somewhere that I have been. But that doesnt matter because I have an exam on that monday. I hope they have fun though. Then there is a trip we might go on the friday before I leave. I have a feelings I wont be sleeping at all the friday before I leave because I have to pack and I will be gone all day in either Oxford or Cambridge. I prefer to go to Cambridge so that is where I hope we go.

I will be sad when I leave everyone. I am considering moving in with a roommate when I get home. I have gotten used to living with people again. And I like not being alone. Even if that means having to hear people talking till 3 in the morning. Camilla (the girl, who would not stop smoking. Did I go into detail about that. I will soon, but its old news) is so disrespectful. She just talks loud and slams her door well into the night. If this was America I would cuss her ass out. But I dont want to be an American stereotype. haha.

So, last saturday we went to the movies. It was Andre and his girlfriend Anya, Margje, Virginie, Marion and my other roommate Fiona. We saw "I Love You Man." It was so funny! I want to see it again when I come home, if it is at the dollar movie because seeing it with Europeans takes away from the laughter. I always feel like I am the only one laughing in the movie theater, or I am scared to laugh because I dont want to be loud. Whereas, at home....it is so freaking different. People just hack it on up laughing at movies.

But anyways, I will talk more about my experiences in the next few posts. I dont feel like proofreading this one either.

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