Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Yalls


I haven't been here in a while. This blog may not have been the best idea in the world. The busier I get, the furthest thing from my mind is this blog. But I have come here for you.

I cannot seem to get myself together enough to write this paper on represenation of gender in American Beauty. I think its because I am so scared that I have to use film terms and I know good and well that I am not a film major. This is a second year film class. What in the hell was I thinking? And then I have another paper due on Thursday and a book to read by wednesday. I just feel a little swamped but also like I don't know what I am doing. I emailed the professor today and asked some questions but she didn't get back to me. I know what your thinking...come on. Gender represenation in American Beauty. Get it together. But I don't know if I should only use film sources or just feminist theory sources. I am supposed to use three but how much do I reference to the movie. How do I cite things said in a movie. OMG. I need a film major to help me.

And procrastination is easy. Let me just tell you. I have watched 3 entire seasons (I only missed ONE episode) of How I Met Your Mother. Yea...Yea...

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