Monday, January 26, 2009

Helllooooo and Catching Up

This is my blog. I have finally set it up. I created this blog because my friends and family asked about it but it is for everyone. I will just be talking about the things that go on with me at the University of Wolverhampton and how I am handling all of the cultural changes. I have worked on this blog for the last 30 minutes, so I hope you think it is aesthetically pleasing. Ha. So to give you the basics, my study abroad institution is The University of Wolverhampton, and my home institution is the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio.

Classes started for everyone. I do not have classes on Monday so I tried to handle some business. I have to fill out something called a learning agreement at the international office. I went there, they told me to go to some women in the next building and then I went over there and she wasn't available. I was quite annoyed because the women who was in the office told me to just leave the paper on the desk, which doesn't seem very professional, but whatever. I am excited for classes to start but I am also worried. I think that I will have a hard time if I am expected to spell in the U.K way. English from England is very different to me and to tell the truth I am not that fond of it. But maybe I am exaggerating. Maybe I will go to class and it will not be that different.

I have met so many people from so many different places. I feel very privileged. I also feel slightly embarrassed because in America we are not necessarily encouraged to learn as much about other peoples countries as other people from different countries know about the United States. Sometimes I feel like there is a bit of an obsession with the United States. Dare I say that? But it is true in some cases. Really.

I have noticed things in the U.K that really bother me. One of them is that the food is absolutely horrible. Seriously. It is bad. And I do not like all these creams and butters on my biscuits and such. I don't know. I am a picky eater at home, so I definitely wasn't expecting to get to the United Kingdom and eat everything in sight. I also notice that the clothing style is much more artistic. There aren't a lot of brands over here in Wolverhampton. I suppose I have to be specific with where I am talking about because all of England is not the same I am sure, like London. I see a lot of girls that look the same but I also see a lot of girls that seem to really express themselves with their clothing. This is quite refreshing because I find in Akron, in the U.S there are too many women that prefer to be a label. Just one big walking label. Don't get me wrong, I like labels, but I much rather prefer to look like someone that isn't a drone. I love colors. I hate to mention this but I see this girl who is from Italy. That's another thing, their is a big international population here, so who knows where some of these girls are really from. But she is from Italy. She is over with my neighbor all the time. Her breasts are only one hop away from coming out of her shirt. Literally. Her bra must be empty cause her tits sure ain't in it! I ain't lying. So sexuality seems to be the same, less is more. Or at least many girls think that less will get them more...which is true in many cases, unfortunately. I have noticed that Wolverhampton isn't necessarily P.C. There is this sign in the window of a store that says..."Private Property..No One Allowed In, Unless You Have Big Boobs." This really disgusted me but I will have to speak on this later.

I really need to do some grocery shopping. Maybe I will do some more blogging tonight. I will probably chat with ya tomorrow though.


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