Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Dear people who think it is ANTIFEMINIST/HAES/FATACCEPTANCE,
I believe in HAES and I also believe in fat acceptance. No one has a right to tell someone what to do about their body or make moral judgements as a human being based on their size. And there may be plenty of women my size who think they are healthy and dont want to loose weight and I agree with whatever they say about THEIR bodies. But I need to find more out about my body and what it means to loose weight or try to. I definetely believe in not hating myself if I do not loose weight (I am trying to get to that place) but I also believe that its okay for me to say, I believe in HAES, I believe in FA but I also feel I want to try loose weight without participating in the diet culture. I am just going to have to make my own decisions about me.

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